2015: Trade -often copied, never equaled

In October 2015 Islington Heritage celebrated the 25th anniversary of the opening of Trade, the iconic gay club night in Islington, with the exhibition Trade -often copied, never equalled. The club night was originally located in Turnmills, Clerkenwell, opening its doors to revelers 3 am to 1 pm on Sundays.

Poster advertising ‘Trade -often copied, never equaled’ exhibition, 2015. Credit: Islington Museum | Islington Local History Centre

Between 16 October 2015 and 16 January 2016 a selection of Trade memorabilia went on display at the Islington Museum, including flyers, albums and merchandise. The Trade exhibition has been one of the highest attended exhibitions held at the Islington Museum.

The exhibition charts the story of Trade from it’s origins, through its heyday to it’s last night at Turnmills and 25th birthday party at Egg in October 2015. Exploring the people who made Trade a reality, the concept of the club night and the atmosphere that made it a huge success.

Researched and written by Mark Aston and Anne Marie Garbutt
Islington Local History Centre | Islington Museum
October 2015


Islington Heritage Services wish to thank the following for their support and generosity with this display:

Laurence Malice, Janne Oijer Adeleh, Lee Anderson, Rachel Auburn, Martin Brown, Wayn Brunsdon, Ricardo Castro, Natalie Coleman, EJ Doubell, Malcolm Duffy, Claudia Dunston, Edna, Fat Tony, Lois Froud, Alex Gerry, Tony Gregory, Leigh Green, Michael Jeans, Stephen Johnson, Rod Lay, Ian M, Andrew Malone, John McHugh, James Natt, Danny Newman, Lewis Oswald, Jayne Parkes, Simon Patrick, Ramon Philippe, Queen Maxine, Steven Sharp, Laura Sheed, Mark Smith, Smokin’ Jo, Nick, Tcherniak, Steve Thomas, Alan Thompson, Nicky Trax, Mark Wardel, Stewart Who? and Pete Wardman

Boyz magazine and QX magazine

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