2017: Islington’s Pride – Collecting for the Future

Islington’s Pride, a project created by Islington Heritage and awarded funding by the Heritage Lottery Fund in 2016, presented its first exhibition in 2017. The foundation of the project was to create a LGBTQ+ archive reflecting the community’s stories and heritage in the borough. Find out more about the project at www.islingtonspride.com

The exhibition in 2017, Islington’s Pride – Collecting for the Future, aimed to present the importance of Islington to LGBTQ+ heritage in the UK and as a call out to assist with building the archive. The exhibition encouraged visitors to leave comments and contributions, including charting places of interest in the borough on a large map displayed on a wall.

London Borough of Islington map displayed as one of the collecting activities in the Islington’s Pride exhibition, 2017. Credit: Islington Museum | Islington Local History Centre

Between 13th January and 28th February 2017 a selection of LGBTQ+ archives held by the Islington Local History Centre went on display at the Islington Museum. Many of the archives on display, including the newspaper cuttings that were arranged on the wall, have now been added to the Islington’s Pride online catalogue and can be viewed by appointment at the Islington Local History Centre. The Centre is currently closed due to Covid-19 safety measures but enquiries can be sent to local.history@islington.gov.uk

A newly acquired collage piece went on display for the first time in this exhibition. The large four-panel collage screen, unofficially titled World of Cats created by Kenneth Halliwell in 1966 was obtained with funds raised from an Art Fund grant and a private donation.

The exhibition accompanying the display explores the various people, places, events and organisations that make Islington an important part of the UK’s LGBTQ+ heritage.

Researched and written by Alex Smith
Islington Local History Centre | Islington Museum
February 2017


Islington Heritage Services wish to thank the following for their support and generosity for this exhibition:

Art Fund, Tony Brown, Martin King, Islington Gazette, Laurence Malice, and the London School of Economics Archives

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