2017: Up Against It

In 2017 Islington’s Pride curated the exhibition Up Against It: Islington 1967 as an homage to the history of gay men in Islington. On 27 July 1967 the Sexual Offences Act was passed, the exhibition explores the stories of well-known gay men living in Islington before and after the act, which decriminalized homosexual acts between men aged 21 years or over in private.

Poster advertising the Up Against It: Islington 1967 exhibition at Islington Museum, 2017. Credit: Islington Museum | Islington Local History Centre

Between 22 July and 21 October 2017 a selection of book covers defaced by Orton and Halliwell held by the Islington Local History Centre went on display at the Islington Museum alongside the newly acquired World of Cats 1966 collage screen by Halliwell and a selection of archives.

The exhibition accompanying the items on display examines the life of gay men in London before and after 1967, as well as highlighting the lives of several gay man who have lived in Islington.

Researched and written by Mark Aston, Roz Currie and Alex Smith
Islington Local History Centre | Islington Museum
July 2017


Islington Heritage Services wish to thank the following for their support and generosity for this exhibition:

Raymond Dean, Robin Gray, London School of Economics Archives, and Clive Strutt/National Portrait Gallery

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