2020: Explore the Islington’s Pride Archives

In February 2020, as part of LGBT History Month, Islington’s Pride presented a (very) temporary exhibit in the Islington Local History Centre featuring a selection of archives collected by the project. The theme for LGBT History Month 2020 was Poetry, Prose and Plays.

In July 2020, as part of series of online events, Islington’s Pride presented a Virtual Tour through the LGBTQ+ archives collected by the project. The tour displayed a selection of archives to highlight some of the less represented LGBTQ+ communities. The slideshow below is a short version of the full tour.

Many archives have been catalogued onto the Islington’s Pride LGBTQ+ archive catalogue. Islington’s Pride is an ongoing project and we hope to continue to add archives to the catalogue and receive donations from the public to improve the collection. If you would like to donate items to the collection please get in touch by emailing islingtonspride@islington.gov.uk

Researched and written by Marlin Khondoker
Islington Local History Centre | Islington Museum
February 2020 | July 2020


Islington Heritage Services wish to thank all the contributors to the Islington’s Pride archive collection.

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