Black History Month 2020

Black Lives Matter protest Newington Green June 2020

Black History Month (BLM) 2020 is coming in October, with a full programme of events by Islington Council, check out what’s on here.

Islington Heritage Service will be creating a physical and digital display for Black History Month in support of the Black Lives Matter campaign and to celebrate black lives that are part of the Islington community. This involves:

  • A collaged feature wall in the Islington Local History Centre made up of images from the public, the council and our archives representing the black community in Islington and the Black Lives Matter campaign.
  • A digital display to be made available online of the images featured on the physical display.

In order to create this display we need your help as important members of the Islington community who live and work here to help us gather the items for the display and to enhance the representation of black history in the Islington Local History Centre.

Newington Green Festival (1976) 01
Newington Green Festival 1976

We are looking to gather:

  • Images of Islington residents/staff in support of the Black Lives Matter campaign e.g. any photos at protests, holding signs, in solidarity.
  • Material associated with Black Lives Matter e.g. posters, flyers, etc.
  • Images of black people who are part of the Islington community e.g. images of residents, images of people who work in Islington, etc.
  • Items representing black history in Islington e.g. posters, flyers, leaflets, etc. of events, activities, campaigns, organisations etc.
  • Anecdotes/stories from black members of the Islington community (living and/or working) about their experiences in Islington

All contributions to the archive will be reviewed before display and will be retained in the Islington Local History Centre archive collection.

Please send your contributions for the display for BHM and donations to the archive to

Along with any images sent please let us know where appropriate; the date the photo was taken, who/what is in the photo, where the photo was taken and any other relevant information.

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