Sifting the Paperwork

Islington Museum’s paperwork is crucial in helping us understand what our objects are, where they are from and why they are interesting.

An old brick is just a brick…until you have a piece of paper that shows it is an original  tile from Sadlers Wells ‘Musick House’ in the 1680’s where people would come to take the waters, which cured dropsy, jaundice and scurvy. Come and visit us to discover the tiles and other intriguing objects from Islington’s past.


From summer 2016 we began looking at our historic paperwork and bring it up to modern museum standards. In April 2017 we started our Sifting the Paperwork Project to overhaul our whole system. In these posts the wonderful volunteers doing this work will talk about what we’re doing and share the interesting snippets they find along the way.

Roz Currie, Curator