Finsbury Rifles

Finsbury Rifles in Gallipoli: 10 August to 14 August

Location: SUVLA BAY

© IWM (Q 57866)
“A” Beach, Suvla Bay, August 1915. © IWM (Q 57866)

Date: 10 August 1915          Hour: 1pm
Started for Suvla Bay arriving 3pm, disembarked 5pm, proceeded at 9pm with 163rd Brigade two miles due north. Then placed in reserve.

Date: 11 August 1915
Moved one mile east and remained in reserve. Slight shelling by the Turks, shells falling half mile in front of the battalion, which was in cover in a long ditch.

Date: 12 August 1915
Fatigues in camp.

Date: 13 August 1915
Camp shelled by enemy.
Battalion ordered out to entrench position 800 yards north of 10th division trenches. Work commenced. Our casualties 5 wounded including Sgt Gardener.

Date: 14 August 1915
Continued entrenching position. Again shelled and sniped. Our casualties 4 wounded including Lieutenant Kilby. Work discontinued until dark, then carried on until daybreak. One man wounded.

More Information

The Finsbury Rifles were some of the reinforcements sent by British war minister Lord Kitchener to break the stalemate in the Gallipoli campaign. Suvla Bay was chosen as the ideal spot for landing a sizeable number of additional troops with the aim of securing the Anafarta Hills.

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