Finsbury Rifles in Gallipoli: 22 August to 28 August

Location: SUVLA

Date: 22 August 15
Orders received that battalion would be relieved during day by part of 29th Division. In the meanwhile to be still prepared to take part in any general advance. A quiet day. Battalion not called upon to move. Just before midnight relieved by 5th Royal Scots and returned to Base Camp.

Date: 23 August 15
Left Base Camp after breakfast for Rest Camp. Day spent in forming camp & in bathing.

Date: 24 August 15
Battalion paraded for inspection of arms and equipment, also bathing parades. Lt. & QM Tutin wounded by shrapnel and one man killed and three wounded. Day otherwise uneventful.

Date: 25 August 15
Battalion warned to be prepared to take over trenches of 1/4th Norfolks previous day. A number of shells fall near lines but no damage done. Warning cancelled midday and battalion ordered to proceed to Lala Baba at midnight next day under orders of 11th Division.

Date: 26 August 15
A quiet restful day in camp. At midnight battalion falls in and proceeds to Lala Baba.

Location: Lala Baba

Date: 27 August 15
Arrived at bivouac about 3am. Four officers proceed to reserve trenches about 11/2 miles inland, which battalion is ordered to occupy at 8pm. Order cancelled later but bivouac moved about 500 yards north of old one. Heavy fighting in neighbourhood and at 7.30pm C.O. inspects other trenches which battalion may have to occupy in case of emergency.

Date: 28 August 15
Alarm at 3am and battalion ordered to be in readiness to move at a moment’s notice. In the end not called upon. Orders received to be prepared in evening to move to neighbourhood of Anzac. At 8.30pm battalion moved with Bgde Hgrs and 1/5 Beds to Aghyl Dere arriving there about midnight. Lines of 6th Loyal North Lancs taken over. Lt Col Byrne resumes command of Battalion. Brigade transport temporarily lost and much inconvenience caused thereby.

More Information

This photo was taken by Lt. Col. Byrne, presumably once he was back as Battalion Commander at Aghyl Dere. Major Malcolm was the Finsbury Rifles’ Medical Officer. He died of dysentry in Malta, October 1915.

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