Milner Square

Through the hole in the wall: Milner Square 1935-1975

Password: milner

Produced and Narrated by Susan Oudot
Directed by Chiara Messineo
Edited by Dan Jobar

When Islington Council took over their slum tenements in the 1970s, Milner Square’s residents were dispersed to estates and New Towns. They gained bathrooms and boilers, but lost their tight-knit community; they were filled instead with a sense that the world – their world – had changed forever.

Through the candid, colourful and often emotional recollections of those who lived there through the pre- and post-war years, this film shows them returning to the Square and beautifully recaptures a place in time, and its importance to those who called it ‘home’.

For more information on this HLF funded
project visit the Milner Square project or contact


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