Finsbury Rifles

Finsbury Rifles, Away from the Western Front. 28th February to 28th March.

This post takes us from the end of February into March. This passage covers more than our usual week in the War Diary, as the diary itself lumps numerous days together. This reminds us of the often repetitious nature of  camp routine, when a Regiment was not facing battle.

Within this period we see lots of arrivals being drafted in from the 3rd line unit. The 3/11 London Regiment (Finsbury Rifles) was formed after the outbreak of war and supplied trained soldiers to the first line Battalion and second line Battalions  to replace losses.

WW1 Finsbury Rifles NCOs (1915)
© Darren O’Brien. The 3/11th London Regiment (Finsbury Rifles)

Date 28 to 29/2/16

Normal camp routine. 17 men arrive from Base Details Camp.

Date 1 to 15/3/16

Normal camp routine. Parades inspections etc

Date 16/3/16

Normal camp routine. Arrival of 2nd Lieutenant A RODGERS and 271 other ranks being draft from 3rd line unit.

Date 19 to 28/3/16

Normal camp routine.

Please explore the Glossary for an explanation of any unfamiliar terms.

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