Finsbury Rifles

Finsbury Rifles, Away from the Western Front. 10th February to 16th February 1916.

While stationed at Mena, soldiers underwent training. In this passage we can see that various ranks were sent to develop different skills, including an Officer’s Riding School.

Officers rode alongside their men on route marches (although Lieutenant Harding mentioned that he sometimes marched on foot) and so needed to know how to ride a horse competently. While many would be skilled due to their lives pre-war, horse riding being a common mode of transport, some required training.

Q57855 officers of 1 .11 on horseback
 © IWM (Q 57855). Officers of 162 Brigade, 54 (East Anglian Division) on horseback, Feb 1917. Lt Harding, 1/11 London Regiment 3rd from the left.

Date 10/2/16

Brigade Route March. Battalion on duty.

Date 11/2/16

Brigade Field day. Lieut Leigh to hospital.

Date 12/2/16

Normal Camp Routine. 1 Officer and 2 N.C.O.s to ZEITOUN for Bombing Course.

Date 13/2/16

Church Parade. 4 Signalling N.C.O.s detailed to attend Course with RE.

Date 14/2/16

Brigade Route March. Battalion on duty. Lecture to Officers by G.O.C. 54th division during afternoon.

Date 15/2/16

Normal Routine. 2 Officers and 20 other ranks detailed to attend course of instruction in transport work with Divisional Artillery.

Date 16/2/16

Normal Camp Routine. 6 Officers attend riding school with Divisional Artillery.

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