Finsbury Rifles

Finsbury Rifles, Away from the Western Front. 26th April to 2nd May 1916.

Kubri mess
© IWM (Q 57729) Officers of the 1/11th London Regiment outside their mess hut. El-Kubri, Suez Canal.

This passage charts the busy life at camp, while the troops were stationed at Kubri, along the Suez Canal. We see much coming and going of Captains and Lieutenants, as they lead Advance Parties, return from hospital or even head to England. In the photo above we can see the proximity of the mess hut to the Canal and can get a sense of the structures the soldiers were building and living in.

Date 26/4/16

Normal routine. Work during morning as previously. Captains Newton and Comber left the Battalion enroute for port of embarkation for England.

Date 27/4/16

Normal routine work on defences. Battalion on duty and provided numerous guards etc. Lieutenants A Rodgers returned from hospital. Lieutenant Doyle (RAMC) left Battn to report to the ADMS Shallufa for duty. 2nd Lieutenant BS Minty to hospital.

Date 29/4/16

Work on defences as usual: Lieutenant WS Leigh returned from hospital.

Date 30/4/16

Church parade under brigade arrangement. Battalion on duty and providing various guards etc. Lieutenant V Wigg returned from hospital. Order received that the Battalion would shortly remove to EL Sha. Lieutenant GM Willis returned to 54th Divisional Base. Details Depot as per instruction from 3rd echelon.

Date 1/5/16

Normal routine. Orders received for the Battalion to move to El Shatt for attachment to the 29th Indian Infantry Bde on 3rd inst.

Date 2/5/16

Striking camp and packing up generally. Advance party of 50 men under 2nd Lieutenant Windsor proceeded by Canal Launch with the heavy luggage. 5 men arrived from Base Detail Camp.

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