Finsbury Rifles

Finsbury Rifles: Away from the Western Front. 9th July to 15th July 1916.

Here we see a reference to Captain AL Lewthwaite, a member of the Rifles, who’s spectacular photography collections survives as part of the Imperial War Museum’s archive, providing a personal record of day to day life away from the Western Front. We link to the archive throughout this blog, but you can access the entire collection here…have an explore!

Date 9/7/16

Divine service under Coy arrangements.

Date 10/7/16

Work on defences as usual. Orders received from 16th Bde for this Battn to relieve the 1/7 Essex Regt at MANCHESTER POST.

Date 11/7/16

Work on defences as usual. Lt Pope WG returned to duty with the Battn on his post of assist Wharfmaster Shallufa East being taken over by R Austen

Date 12/7/16

Work on defences in morning, remainder of day spent preparing to move. Advance party left for MANCHESTER

Date 13/7/16

Battn parade 03.15 and proceeded by route march to Manchester Post relieved 1/7 Essex Reg. there at 05.00 remainder of the day spent settling down. Lt WG Pope went to hospital.


Date 14.7.16

Battn finding 100 men for work on defences. Manchester Post remainder on preliminary training.

Date 15/7/16

Battn finding 100 men for work on defences. Capt AL Lewthwaite reported from English leave. 2nd Lt AW Robinson (4th E Surrey Regiment) attached to the Battn for duty.

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