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The first thing I started in Islington Museum was to check the objects’ locations in the small store. In order to handle collections appropriately, Roz introduced me all the must-dos in different cases and circumstances. I finished roughly six shelves full of objects, registering their numbers, names and descriptions as much in details as I can. Roz double-checked the locations and I will input the accurate locations in Adlib later on.

To determine what items are missing in Adlib, I conducted a comparison between the accession register book and an Excel sheet of all existing data generated by Adlib. I have checked 582 records and found 41 items were missing in Adlib. By manually creating items and adding fundamental attributes such as object category, name, title and description, these missing items could have been added into our database. However there are still some attributes remain blank in the database which would be better if more information is specified. I think probably we could particularly focus on the original accession registers of those missing items and manage to add more useful details to them.

Writing blogs which I am doing right now is another interesting task here in Islington Museum. It would be great if we treat these blogs as a reminder of what we have already achieved and what possibly could be improved in the future. Plus, it is also a great opportunity for our external communication with the public and those who have interests in museum stuff.

It is the third day of my working in Islington Museum and it seems that I have really done some interesting works. Regarding the plan I will add photographs recently taken to the records in Adlib. I am also going to do the Adlib check for permanent gallery. I will spend half of the last day in Islington Museum with Julie Melrose who is archivist of Islington Local History Centre. I feel much satisfied and happy with what I have learned so far and I am very looking forward into future challenges.

Permanent Gallery

The Permanent Gallery

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