Finsbury Rifles

Away From The Western Front:1st January 1917 – 14th January 1917

Packing up and the march to Kubri

The intense boredom and sand filled discomfort of life for those manning the Suez Canal Defences, described by a soldier in the 1/5 Essex as “a very laborious and tedious sojourn in the wilderness ” was drawing to a close. Orders came through for the battalion to move to the railhead at Kubri where they would be joined by other units of the 54th (East Anglian) Division. The orders given to the 1/5 Bedfordshire, another battalion in 162 Brigade show what was needed to make sure that both troops and equipment would end up in the right place at the right time. The move to Kubri was just the 1st stage in the epic crossing of the Sinai Desert by the Egyptian Expeditionary Force.

Suez Canal Defences July 1916 via Great War Forum



Location: ASHTON Date: 1/1/17

Routine as usual and Training.

Location ASHTON Date: 2/1/17

Routine as usual and Training. Orders received to concentrate at Kubri. RAILHEAD.

Location SALFORD Date:2.1.17

Routine as usual and Training

Location ASHTON Date: 3/1/17

Routine as usual and Training. Lt.NORTH 9th Queens, 2nd Lt HEFFERON. F.J 15th KINGS LIVERPOOL attached for duty with battl.

Location SALFORD Date: 3/1/17

Routine as usual and Training. Half battl. striking Camp for move to Kubri RAILHEAD. Marched from ASHTON 2pm for SHALLUFA,

Location ASHTON Date: 4/1/17

Routine as usual and Training.

Location SALFORD Date: 4/1/17

Routine as usual and Training

Location: SHALLUFA Date: 4 to 5/1/17

Battln proceeded by Route March to KUBRI RAILHEAD 0900, remainder of day spent in pitching Camp

Location KUBRI RAILHEAD Date: 6/1/17

Battn Training (1st day). Usual routine.

Date: 7/1/17

Orders received to concentrate SUEZ camp. Battn employed on baggage fatigues.

Date: 8/1./17

Battn striking camp. Proceeding to Kubri by march route to Bivouac night 8/9.

Date: 9/1/17

Battn Proceeded by March Route to Suez Camp (0815). Rest of day spent in squaring camp.

Location: KUBRI Date: 10/1/17

Battn concentrated with remainder of Brigade. 2nd Lt F.CLARKE on duty, Company 4. Usual Routine. Lt HEILGER returned from hospital.

Location SUEZ CAMP Date: 11/1/17

Company Specialist Training. Usual routine.

Date: 12/1/17

Battn training. Repitching camp. Usual routine.

Date: 13/1/17

Company training. Battn finding Brigade Duties

Date: 14/1/17

Brigade Church Parade. Routine work.


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