Finsbury Rifles

Away from the Western Front : 25th February – 9th March 1918.

Victoria Cross awarded !



Jock Christie VC via Stockport Crematorium
L/Cpl Jock Christie VC



The award of the Victoria Cross, the highest award for gallantry in the British Armed Forces  to Lance-Corporal Jock Christie was a great morale booster for the battalion, 162 Brigade and the 54th East Anglian Division. In later life Jock Christie preferred not to dwell on this period  and his sons grew up unaware that their father had indeed won the VC.


Date: 26/2/18

Bn and Company Training. 22 O/Ranks reported for duty from Base Depot. L Cpl CHRISTIE of A Company awarded the Victoria Cross for Gallantry at BALD HILL, FEJJA on Night 22.2.17 when single handed this NCO went over the top and bombed a communication trench up which enemy were advancing, thus enabling us to make a block. A number of enemy dead were afterwards found. Here Christie’s action was of the greatest assistance in the consolidation.

Date: 27/2/18

Bn Training (Bn in the attack and artillery formations). 2nd LTS A.E.MASSEY, R.W.WALLER and B.A.HOOPER of 11 London Rfl reported for duty. 5 O/Ranks reported from BASE.

Date: 28/2/18

Bn Training (Bn in attack and the building up of a firing line). Night operations Bn: marching on Compass bearings. 7 O/ Ranks rejoined from BASE DEPOT.


March and April 1918

Location: F28D 22 (SELMEH 1/20000) (MULEBBIS) Date: 1/3/18

Bn Route March. Specialists Training. Commanding Officer proceeded to 54th Divsl Tournament Camp (JO Central. Sheet XIII Pallatine) to act as Chief Umpire.

Date: 2/3/18

Company and specialists training. Bn mounted sports meeting. Teams re: judged by GOC. 162 Brigade. MAJOR. F.S. HAMMOND returned from 12 days special leave to Luxor. Hon Capt and QM TAT LUTIN rejoined from GHQ for Bn duty.

Date: 3/3/18

Brigade Church Parade (10.00) Heavily shelled by Turkish Artillery. No casualties, damage slight. Firing commenced about 0600 and finished about 0730.

Date: 4/3/18

Company and specialist training.

Date: 6 to 7/3/18

-ditto-ditto [ presumably company and specialist training]

-Orders received for Bn to move to Bivouac area R.M.D (Jehudiyah 1/2000 2nd edition). Bn moved 1830 and proceeded to new area arriving 21.15.

Date: 8/3/18

Squaring up Bivouac area. Lecture by GOC 162 Bde  on HILL warfare to all officers. W.officers and 2 Cos at Bde HQ 10.30.

Date: 9/3/18

Company and specialists training.


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