Mobilise! Mobilise!

Mobilise! Mobilise! exhibition now on

‘Mobilise! Mobilise! The Firefighters of Holloway’ highlights the unique perspective of Islington artist Niki Gibbs.

A local fire station is a building that we often walk past but only perhaps become aware of when a big red fire truck emerges to deal with an urgent situation. Little is known about the training, daily checks, maintenance of kit, inspections of buildings in the community, and other outreach work performed by the firefighters.

White Watch, by Niki Gibbs, on display in the ‘Mobilise! Mobilise!’ exhibition.

Drawing inspiration from photographs, Niki Gibbs worked with Holloway Fire Station on Hornsey Road, Islington, to capture its four crews going about their routine daily work. ‘Mobilise! Mobilise!’ art exhibition is the result of this intimate and insightful collaboration.

Mobilise! Mobilise! is on at Islington Museum from 1 February – 31st March 2020.

For more details, visit the website or call 020 7527 2837.

The exhibition free events programme can be found here.

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