Finsbury Rifles

Finsbury Rifles in Gallipoli: 1 September to 7 September

Location: AGHYL DERE (Anzac)

Date: 01.09.15
Very uneventful day. Second line positions inspected by C.O. Experimental bathing parade returned without incident. Digging continued at dusk but interrupted about midnight by heavy firing all along the front line.

Date: 02.09.15
Quiet day. Numerous bathing parades return without casualties. Digging continued at night in force. Much sickness in camp.

Date: 03.09.15
Orders received to take over first line trenches from 1/5 Bedfords at dusk tomorrow. Positions inspected and four Coy [Company] Commanders proceed to trenches in afternoon to remain until arrival of the battalion. Digging continued at night as before. ‘C’ Coy withdrawn from their second line trenches.

Date: 04.09.15
A quiet day but a few men wounded by stray bullets; still a good deal of sickness about. Battn paraded at 4.30pm and proceeded to take over first line trenches held by 1/5th Beds relief completed by six pm. Uneventful night.

Date: 05.09.15
Ordinary routine work in trenches. One man wounded. Uneventful night.

Date: 06.09.15
Quiet day. Advanced post and listening patrol both report no movement in front of lines. Digging party of 1/5th Beds engaged during night on trenches linking left and centre subsections.

Date: 07.09.15
Quiet day. White flag noticed in front of right of line. All attempts to communicate therewith unsuccessful. At night attempt made to fetch in flag but failed. At 6pm trenches in right half of centre subsection taken over by 1/5th Norfolks who had taken place of 1/4th Northants in Brigade. A certain amount of digging by enemy about 1000 yards in front of our line noticed and reported.

More Information

The presence of illness and disease, especially dysentery, was widespread at Gallipoli. Brought on – and exacerbated by – the unhygienic living conditions, rotting corpses and huge numbers of flies, few soldiers escaped untouched. It sapped men of their strength and resulted in thousands of soldiers being evacuated off the peninsula.

A Royal Irish Fusilier attempts to draw the fire of a Turkish sniper to reveal the enemy position, Gallipoli, 1915 © IWM (Q 13447)
A Royal Irish Fusilier attempts to draw the fire of a Turkish sniper to reveal the enemy position, Gallipoli, 1915 © IWM (Q 13447)


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