Finsbury Rifles

Finsbury Rifles in Gallipoli: 8 September to 14 September

Location: AGHYL DERE (Anzac)

Date: 08.09.15
About 1am. Advanced post retired and reported enemy advancing. Whole line roused and stood to arms but no attack made. At 3am advanced post sent out again and reported all quiet. In early morning white flag brought in. Remainder of day quiet and without incident.

Date: 09.09.15
Uneventful day. Warning received that enemy positions in front of our left would be bombarded at dusk, but nothing done.

Date: 10.09.15
Orders received that battalion would be relieved following morning by 1/5th Bedfords also that rifle and machine gun co-operation was to be given to bombardment postponed from previous day. About six pm, about a dozen shells dropped near enemy redoubt on Hill 100 but little damage done, shelling then ceased. One corporal killed and two men wounded by rifle fire.

Date: 11.09.15
Battn. relieved by 1/5th Bedfords. ‘A’ Coy took over 2nd line trenches held by 1/5 Beds but relieved shortly after by 161st Brigade. Day spent in cleaning up bivouacs. At dusk two fatigue parties of 50 and 150 men sent out. Lieut Ford and 50 men proceed to N.Z Inf. Brigade for temporary attachment.

Date: 12.09.15
Battn. paraded for Divine Service at 11am. Remainder of day resting. At dusk two digging parties of 125 men each placed at disposal of O.C 1/5 Bedfords. Lieut Akerman and two men wounded during digging. Permanent fatigue party for N.C.O and 12 men provided for Divisional water depot. Nominal effective strength of batt.reduced to under 500 men. Much sickness still prevalent.

Date: 13.09.15
Close order and arm drill by companies. All available men after dusk employed on various digging and road making fatigues. Routine work as usual. Much sickness.

Date: 14.09.15
One man killed and one wounded during morning digging. At night fatigues as previous day but under 200 men available. Sick parade of over one hundred, mostly diarrhoea and dysentery. Batt drill during morning; day otherwise as normal. Bathing during day.

Carrying the wounded on stretchers from hospital to the jetty for transhipment to the Hospital Ship. © IWM (Q 13449)
Carrying the wounded on stretchers from hospital to the jetty for transhipment to the Hospital Ship. © IWM (Q 13449)


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