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Holloway man who was killed in action: Newspaper Story

Islington Daily Gazette and North London Tribune
14th September 1915
Holloway man who was killed in action
Chaplain’s letter to bereaved mother

Mr. W. B. Parker who has already written in regard to the death of Mr. Alfred Jones – a Holloway man who was killed in Gallipoli – adds us the following further particulars:

Alfred S. Jones was the mounted orderly to General Baring, and was exceedingly popular with his brother yeomen of the Hertfordshire Yeomanry…

The Chaplain (the Rev. C. Colin Hamilton) sends the following letter to the bereaved mother: –

H.M. Hospital Ship “Nevasa,”

23rd August, 1915

Dear Mrs. Jones / I am very sorry to have to tell you that your son Alfred Jones was very badly wounded in battle on August 21st. He was brought on board this ship that night, and died this afternoon.

He was quite conscious, and not suffering much, and talked to me for a long time this morning. His thoughts were all with you, and he was longing to be able to see you again, but he felt that it was not to be so, and he was content to leave it to God to do as He might see best.

I read him the 23rd Psalm and prayed with him; and he seemed at rest in his mind.

I was with him again when he died – there was no suffering or struggle then at all – and the nurse and I knelt by his side and commended his soul into God’s keeping.

You will be thankful to know that his last hour were so peaceful, and that everything possible was done for him: he was so patient and so graeful for all that was done for him. Almost the last thing he said to the nurse was to tell her that I had prayed with him, and how nice it was.

We buried his body to/night at sea, about five miles from Mudros Bay in the Island of Lemnos. A little group of us gathered on deck and committed his body to the deep, in the sure and certain hope of the Resurrection of the Body ( when the sea shall give up her dead) … through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

May He and His infinite pity and mercy give you and yours His comfort and strength in your great sorrow. – Yours very sincerely.

Colin Hamilton, C.F.

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