Finsbury Rifles

Finsbury Rifles in Gallipoli: 15 September to 21 September

Location: AGHYL DERE (Anzac)

Date: 15.09.15
Uneventful day. Night fatigues as before, number of men available 150 only. No improvement in health of battalion. Australian trenches visited by Capt Windsor. At dusk Lt. Lord and party returned from N.Z Inf. Bde, no casualties during stay. Bathing continued.

Date: 16.09.15
Uneventful Day. Fatigue parties provided as usual for work on new mule road and sap in Hampshire Lane. Orders received for relief of 1/5 Beds in fire trenches at dawn on 17th Bathing parties as before. Capt Tattersall to hospital with dysentery.

Date: 17.09.15
Relief of 1/5 Beds effected between 4 and 6 am. Trenches shelled between 9 and 10am. 1 man killed by shrapnel. Three men wounded by snipers in communication sap. Major Malcolm, RAMC,to hospital with acute diarrhoea. Quiet night.

(Note: Major Malcolm, the Battalion’s Medical Officer, never recovered, but died in hospital at Malta.)

Date: 18.09.15
Camp shelled between 10 to 10.30am, no casualties. Uneventful day but much firing on our flanks at dusk, following bombardment of enemy trenches on Hill 100 Sandbag Ridge: one man wounded. Night quiet.

Date: 19.09.15
Quiet day and night. Lt Col Byrne to hospital with diarrhoea. Capt Windsor assumes command of Battn. Trenches visited by ADMS [Assistant Director Medical Services]. Still much sickness. Voluntary Church Parade in afternoon, about 20 attended.

Date: 20.09.15
Uneventful day. At night parties of 1/5 Beds engaged on deepening and otherwise improving fire trenches. Arrival at base of 9 officers from England reported. Effective strength of Batt reduced below 400.

Date: 21.09.15
8 officers from 2nd Batt arrive. Uneventual day. Small party of Turks seen at night working near ‘C’ Coy trenches. Fire opened on them and two bombs thrown. Party dispersed and one killed. Working parties of 1/5 Beds engaged during night and day on trenches. Over 20 men to hospital. One man sniped and one accidentally shot.

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