Finsbury Rifles

Finsbury Rifles in Gallipoli: 19 October to 25 October

Location: AGHYL DERE (Anzac)

Date: 19.10.15
Battalion relieved at dawn by 1/5 Beds and retired to Bivouac ? during previous rest. Orders received to take over in 2 days time new Centre-?-Section firing line. New trenches inspected by CO. Two men wounded slightly while cleaning new rest camp. 5 men to hospital. 4 officers from 2nd battalion arrived from England. Routines as usual. No brigade or divisional fatigues.

Date: 20.10.15
Work continued throughout the day on new rest camp. Trenches to be taken over from Old Right Bat. Sections (?), visited by Coy. Commanders in afternoon. Uneventful day and night. 4 men to hospital.

Date: 21.10.15
Trenches of new Centre subsection taken over from 1/10 London and 1/5th Beds between 10.00 and 11.00. Earlier part of day occupied in transferring stores et from old rest camp. Quiet day and night. Nil report from Patrol. 6 men to hospital. Showery rain during night and much colder. 2 Officers (Lt Anderson and Sandercock) reported from Mudros.

Date: 22.10.15
Parties engaged during day on new rest camp. Special precautions taken at night in view of possible attack by enemy, it being the last day of Bairam. Very quiet night however, two patrols sent out but neither came in touch with enemy. 3 men to hospital. Weather very wet and cold. 9 men returned from Mudros. Lt Doyle attached to unit as M.O. to unit.

Date: 23.10.15
Work continued on new rest camp. Quiet day but much disturbed night. Patrol met enemy near 92Z5 in considerable numbers and retired under fire. No casualties. 2 men to hospital. Weather continues very bad.

Date: 24.10.15
Quiet day, night uneventful except for alarm at 22.10 which proved groundless. Patrol did not meet enemy but discovered a sap running up from ? towards Chamchak Punam (?). Sap well-constructed and traversed. Work during day on rest camp. 5 men to hospital.

Date: 25.10.15
Lines shelled during day, particularly in neighbourhood of Barricade; little damage done. No patrols sent out. Alarm sounded at 21.00 but no attack. Night otherwise quiet. 3 men to hospital. Draft of 20 men from Alexandria returned from hospital. Trenches visited by G.O.C. ?.

311 London Regiment (Finsbury Rifles); physical training, October 1915

3/11 London Regiment (Finsbury Rifles); physical training, October 1915 © IWM (Q 53822)

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