Finsbury Rifles

Finsbury Rifles in Gallipoli: 26 October to 31 October

Location: AGHYL DERE (Anzac)

Troops of the 311th Battalion, London Regiment (Finsbury Rifles) at the rifle instruction, October 1915

Troops of the 3/11th Battalion, London Regiment (Finsbury Rifles) at the rifle instruction, October 1915 © IWM (Q 53824)

Date: 26.10.15
Battalion relieved by Suffolk Yeomanry at 09.00. Remainder of day spent on improving new camp. Neighbourhood shelled in afternoon but more burst actually in lines. Lt F. Browne wounded by chance bullet and 2nd Lt Stanbrooke to hospital with sprained ankle, 3 men to hospital. Fine day.

Date: 27.10.15
Day spent on work in camp and routine as usual. Much shelling of front line trenches on both sides but nothing near camp. Sunny day but very windy. 10 men to hospital.

Date: 28.10.15
Small divisional fatigue in morning. Day fine but still windy. Sea too rough to land mails the 2nd Lieuts Harding and Cooke to hospital. Bombing course restarted.

Date: 29.10.15
Very quiet day and night. Routine as usual. Bombing course continued and Brigade signalling class started (?). 12 men to hospital.

Date: 30.10.15
Orders received for relief of Suffolk Yeomanry in trenches and same visited in afternoon by company officers. Routine and classes as before. 17 men to hospital.

Date: 31.10.15
Suffolk Yeomanry relieved at dawn. Day spent in necessary fatigues, improving dug-outs and generally on trenches. 1 man killed and 1 to hospital. Day and night quiet. 14 men employed on water duty at Aingone (?) returned to duty. Trenches visited by G.O.C. 14th division in morning. Patrol on return reported everything quiet on our front.

Month’s diary signed off by Lt. L.Newton & Adjutant XI London, 01.11.15

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