Finsbury Rifles

Finsbury Rifles in Gallipoli: 6 December to 12 December

Date: 6.12.1915
Battalion paraded at 1000 for company training. Camp inspected by CO. 4 men to hospital.

Date: 7.12.1915
All tents struck during reorganisation of Brigade Camp and repitched during afternoon. 3 men to hospital. Sundry fatigue parties furnished.

Date: 8.12.1915
Routine parades and inspections, as before. Information received that draft from England would join Battalion the following day. Draft inspected during afternoon at 54th Div TBD Camp by CO. 2 men to hospital.

Date: 9.12.1915
Morning parades and inspection as usual. 3 officers and 97 other ranks from 3/11th Battalion and 27 returned casualties arrived during afternoon. Fresh camp pitched on south side of existing camp. 4 men to hospital.

Date: 10.12.1915
Battn on duty for Bde and Brigade being in waiting, also on duty for Division. Numerous Brigade and Divisional Guards on fatigues and provides picquets day and night.

Date: 11.12.1915
Battn medically inspected by MO 1/10th London Regiment. Routine inspections and parades as usual as far as possible.

Date: 12.12.1915
Battalion paraded 1000 for church parade with remainder of Brigade. Orders received that division would embark for EGYPT following day.

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