Finsbury Rifles

Finsbury Rifles in Gallipoli: 13 December to 18 December

Date: 12. or 13.12.1915
Camp cleaned up during morning and at 1245 Battn fell in with Bdexxx? To NORTH PIER. At 1430 embarked on HMT ALAUNIA. Battn on duty all loading and unloading fatigue provided. 3 men to hospital.

Date: 14.12.1915
Transport sailed at 1600. Routine parade and inspection during day. Uneventful night.

Date: 15.12.1915
Arrived MILO at 0800 and remained in harbour until 1230 when voyage continued. Routine as before. I man to hospital.

Date: 16.12.1915
Battalion on duty and nearly whole strength required for ships guards and fatigues, routine modified accordingly. At dusk news of a submarine in neighbourhood received and MG Officers remained by guns all night.

Date: 17.12.1915
Quiet day and night. Routine as usual. Practised alarm during morning.

Date: 18.12.1915
Arrived at ALEXANDRIA at dawn. Disembarked at 1230 and proceeded by road and train to SIDI BISCH where remainder of day spent in preparing camp.

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