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Hello to Islington

What is Islington? Who is Islington? When did people start living here? Why did they live here? What interesting things have happened here? What interesting things are happening right now? Angel Live Webcam

As the new curator at Islington Museum (I’m Roz) it’s my mission to tell at least part of that story. Just over 10 years ago I lived on Pentonville Road as a student, but understanding the great health benefits of tomatoes as advertised by Indian Veg on Chapel Market (it used to be a £2.99 all you could eat buffet) maybe isn’t reflective of the borough as a whole.

We have a fascinating collection in the museum and local history centre…but so many questions to answer…

Bust of Lenin

Why is he part of the Islington story?


New River Waterpipe

Why is this made out of wood?

Holloway Prison 1862

What was it like to be imprisoned at Holloway?


Clerkenwell Explosion

What happened here?

So.. in this blog we’ll be exploring Islington -the place and its people -and how it is (and isn’t) represented in our collections. I’ll also be talking about our exhibitions and hopefully inviting different guest bloggers to tell us their stories of the borough.


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