Finsbury Rifles

Finsbury Rifles, Away from the Western Front: 8th January to 14th January 1916

This portion of the diary illuminates the routine and repetition which defined much of the soldiers’ experience.

The 1/11th London Regiment was not operating in isolation but belonged to the 162nd Brigade, itself part of the larger 54th (East Anglian) Division. Many of the military exercises and duties mentioned in the battalion diary such as route marches,  working parties and guard duties were carried out alongside or taking turns with the other battalions in the brigade; the 1/10 (Hackney) London Regiment, the 1/4 Northamptonshire Regiment and the 1/5 Bedfordshire. All were Territorial units.


Date: 8/1/16

Brigade Route March. Battalion on duty.

Date: 9/1/16

Church parade at 11am under Brigade arrangements. Lieutenant Monckton and 3 men to hospital.

Date: 10/1/16

Brigade Route March.

Date: 11/1/16

Battalion on duty.

Date: 12 to 13/1/16

Normal Camp Routine. 2 men to hospital.

Date: 14/1/16

Brigade Route March. Routine as usual.

Explore the Glossary to learn more about some of the terms used, including Route March.

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