Finsbury Rifles

Finsbury Rifles, Away from the Western Front: 15th January to 21st January

Date: 15/1/16

Staff Ride for mounted Officers. Battalion on duty. Routine as usual.

Date: 16/1/16

Church parade. Routine as usual. 1 man to hospital.

Date: 17/1/16

Normal Camp Routine. Battalion on duty.

Date: 18/1/16

Orders received that battn would return to SIDI BISHR following day. Advance party sent over to DAMAN HOUR

Location: SIDI BISHR

Date: 19/1/16

Battalion entrained at 10 am and proceeded to SIDI GABER marching from there to SIDI BISHR camp. Lt. Moreton returned from hospital.

Date: 20/1/16

Normal camp routine. Lt. Sandercock and 14 other Ranks rejoined from Base Detail Camp together with 2nd Lieutenants Barry and Selby from 3rd Battalion. 2nd Lieut. Radloff  to hospital.

Date: 21/1/16

Normal camp routines.

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