Finsbury Rifles

Finsbury Rifles, Away from the Western Front: 22nd January to 27th January 1916

In this passage we can see the impact of weather conditions on the routine of the Regiment, with a violent hurricane blowing down numerous tents in the middle of the night.

We are also introduced to the 3/11 London Regiment (Finsbury Rifles), which was formed after the outbreak of war. Its purpose was to supply trained soldiers to the first line Battalion and second line Battalions  to replace losses, either through death, injury or illness. After the 1/11 Battalion’s horrendous experiences at Gallipoli, two separate drafts of men joined them in Egypt to help bring the Battalion up to its full strength of 1007 men.

WW1 Finsbury Rifles NCOs (1915)
© Darren O’Brien.The 3/11th London Regiment (Finsbury Rifles)


Date: 22/1/16

Normal camp routines.

Date: 23/1/16

Church parade under Brigade arrangements.

Date: 24/1/16

Normal routine. Violent hurricane and many tents blown down during night.

Date: 25/1/16

Brigade Route march. Battalion on duty. Weather still very bad. 6 Officers and 151 other ranks reported from England from 3/11 Battalion. 

Date: 26 to 27/1/16

Normal routine.

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