Finsbury Rifles

Finsbury Rifles, Away from the Western Front. 3rd May to 9th May.

In early May the Battalion moves to El Shatt, and settles in before beginning a 7 day tour of duty and providing men to support defence work. 

On the 7th of May, the Rifles receive an order to provide 350 Officers and men, for a Desert Column. 

Date 3/5/16

Battalion parades 6.30am and proceeded by route march to El Shatt. Arrived 8.20am and remainder of day spent in pitching camp and settling down.

Date 4/5/16

Early morning parades and other duties. Battalion commences 7 days tour of duty finding various piquets’s and guards.

Date 5/5/16

Battalion furnished 206 men for work on the defences. Remainder finding Guards etc also carrying out boy training. Lt Leigh appointed wharf master at EL Shatt.

Date 6/5/16

Platoon and company training during the morning.

Date 7/5/16

Divine service under Regimental arrangements. Orders received for a column to proceed to railhead. This Battalion finding 350 Officers and Men to move at 5.30am 8.5.15 Returned same day.

Date 8/5/16

Battalion paraded 5.15am in accordance with previous night’s orders re Desert Column. Returned to El Shatt 2.30pm. 8 men arrived from Base Details Camp.

Date 9/5/16

Work on defences as usual. Battalion also finding other Guards and piquet’s. Practice on range by companies.

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