Finsbury Rifles

Finsbury Rifles, Away from the Western Front. 10th May to 16th May 1916.

In this passage we see the Rifles move from El Shatt to Gebel Mur.

The Diary logs the arrival of Captain Tattersall, alongside 40 other ranks. Tattersall is pictured below , standing on a dune, in an image which illustrates the wide horizons and tall dunes of the Rifles’ environment at this point. Tattersall appears later in the Diary as the victim of what is referred to as ‘a most regrettable accident‘. After experiencing difficulties, Tattersall drowned while bathing in 1917, shortly following a heavy raid at Umbrella Hill.

The photo is taken by fellow Finsbury Rifle, Lieutenant-Colonel Stanley Cesnola Byrne. Byrne’s photos accompany many of our blog posts, helping to bring the War Diary to life. You can find out more about Bryne’s life and career here.

Tattersall on hill
© IWM (Q 57735) Suez Canal Defences. Captain Tattersall, 1/11th London Regiment, 162nd Infantry Brigade, 54th East Anglian Division, standing on a sand dune. Ashton Point.

Date 10/5/16

Battalion parades and musketry.

Date 11/5/16

Work on defences as usual.

Date 12/5/16

Normal routine. 2nd Lieutenant Sanderscock appointed ADC to General Palin while at El Shatt.

Date 13/5/16

Normal routine. Orders received for Battalion to proceeded to Gebel Murr to relieve 1st Patriala Infantry.

Date 14/5/16

Divine service under regimental arrangements. Part of camp struck prior to moving.

Location EL SHATT Date 15/5/16

Battalion parade 4.15 am preceded by route march to Gebel Murr. Arrived 7.20am. Remainder of day spent pitching camp and settling down generally. Battalion posting various Guards and piquet’s as usual. Capt. Tattersall and 40 other ranks arrived.

Location Gebel Murr

Date 16/5/16

Battalion busy settling down finding guards and various duties.

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