Finsbury Rifles

Finsbury Rifles, Away from the Western Front: 17th May to 23rd May.

Work continues as usual, with inspections and work on defences. The Rifles prepare to return to Kubri, from Gebel Mur.

Date 17/5/16

Work on the defences before breakfast. Various fatigues found. Guards and piquet’s as usual.

Date 18/5/16

GOK Division visits the post 05/54 inspected the works. Normal routine.

Date 19/5/16

Work on defences. 6 men arrived from Base Details Camp.

Date 20/5/16

Training under Coy arrangements. Guards and posts as usual.

Date 21/5/16

Divine Service under Battalion arrangements. Usual guards and piquet’s.

Date 22/5/16

Work on defences. Usual guards and picket being found from posts.

Date 23/5/16

Work on defences. Lt Kelby Lt Hooper 2nd Lts Ince Dawes and Golochmiddt and 2 other ranks reported from Base details. Orders received for move to Kubri to rejoin 162 Bde.

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