Finsbury Rifles

Finsbury Rifles, Away from the Western Front. 24th May to 31th May 1916.

In this passage follow the Rifles from Gebel Murr (on the East of the Suez Canal) to bases at Kubri and Shallufa (to the north of the Canal).

The map below comes from the book ‘The New Zealanders at Gallipoli’ (1919), and illustrates the location of El Kubri and Shallufa. It took the 1/11 London 2hours and 45 minutes to march the 12 miles to Kubri.

© 2016 Victoria University of Wellington.  The New Zealand Electronic Text Collection . In: Consulted: 19/05/2017

These two images show the Officer’s Mess at Kubri in 1916. We can see how closely the 1/11 London Officers watched over that part of the Canal, and can learn a little about the structures built and inhabited by the soldiers.

© IWM (Q 57758). Native boats on the Suez Canal at El Kubri, 1916. 1/11 London Officers mess hut on right. Imperial War Museums. Byrne Stanley Cesnola (Colonel) Collection.
© IWM (Q 57729). Officers of the 1/11th London Regiment outside their mess hut. El-Kubri, Suez Canal. Imperial War Museums. Byrne Stanley Cesnola (Colonel) Collection.


Date 24/5/16

Striking camp at Gebel Murr. Relieved  by the 2/3 Gurkhas at 9.30am. Proceeded by route march to Kubri at 3.30pm. Arrived Kubri at 6.15pm and pitched camp.

Date 25/5/16

Location EL KUBRI  

Bathing parades. Orders received to join 161 Bde Shallupa East.

Date 26/5/16

Striking camp and packing up generally. Battalion moved out 3.30pm by route march to Shallup arrives 6.15pm and relieved 1/7 Essex Regt. 2nd Lieutenant Gostling appointed Galloper to Brig Gen Mudge.

Date 27/5/16

Location SHALLUFA  

Battalion finding all guards and duties in the sector. Remaining men working on defences.

Date 28 to 29/5/16

Work on the defences and guards as usual. Col AH Windsor appointed Post Commander Shallufa East.

Date 30/5/16

Work on defences and routines as usual.

Date 31/5/16

Work on defences as usual. Capt. LH Newton rejoined from English leave.

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