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We’ll Meet Again: Islington on the Home Front in photographs (1939-45) 

Dates: Monday 20 April – 11 July 2020
Venue: Online exhibition presented by Islington Museum 

The 75th anniversary of VE-Day (Victory in Europe)marking the end of the Second World War in Europe, is being commemorated nationally on 8 May 2020. 

Locals gather at Finsbury Food Office Mobile Unit in 1942.

The Second World War was a conflict fought on several fronts. On the Home Front, twelve million British families, including those in Islington and Finsbury, fought their own battle between 1939-1945 and went without all but the most basic necessities.

We’ll Meet Again portrays the daily sacrifice and determination of the people of Islington and Finsbury, and how they ‘kept calm and carried on’ during these six historic years.

The full exhibition will be rescheduled for presentation at Islington Museum later in 2020. 

‘We’ll Meet Again’ is dedicated to memory of Islington historian Mary Cosh (1919-2020). 

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