Finsbury Rifles

Finsbury Rifles: Away from the Western Front. 9th June to 17th June 1916.

Date 9 to 10/6/16

Work on defences as usual. Orders received to prepare to join a mobile column.

Date 11/6/16

Battalion proceeded to join mobile column by route march to point of concentration via Geneffe railhead. Burgea for the night.

Date 12/6/16

Battalion proceeded to a point 6 miles east of  Geneffe railhead and bivouacked for the day returning to railhead same day into bivouac.

Date 13/6/15

Battalion remained in Bivouac during day marching back to Shallufa Camp in the evening.

Date 14 to 17/6/16

Work on defences. Digging, wiring etc. Battalion finding also all garrison duties.

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