2021 Redevelopment Projects

Islington Museum is getting a new look…

This year, Islington Museum is redeveloping its permanent gallery and facilities. The museum was originally founded by a group of volunteers in Islington Town Hall in 1988, moved to its current location in 2008. Since then, the permanent gallery has not been updated.

So we’ve made this post to answer some FAQs about what exactly ‘redeveloping’ means!

Why are we redeveloping?

  • To update our galleries – this means everything from the layout to the contents!
  • While the gallery shares many interesting stories and objects, it needs refreshing to better reflect and serve our audiences in modern Islington
  • To make our space easier to find, use, and enjoy

When are we redeveloping?

The redevelopment has officially begun! The project will continue throughout 2021 and 2022.

Will the museum close?

Yes! The museum will close in Spring 2022 and will reopen with the launch of the new museum. Once specific dates have been determined they’ll be updated on the Islington Museum twitter account (@IslingtonMuseum) and through posts on our redevelopment project page.

Why does the museum have to close?

  • So we can do lots of workshops and activities with different community groups to find out what people think and what needs to change
  • So that we can safely remove objects from display
  • So that key works can be done to redesign the space

Who is paying for it?

This project is primarily being funded by Islington Council.

Will there still be toys and places for kids to play in the new museum?

Yes! We want the new museum to be a space for everybody, including kids and families. The play spaces will be updated, and we want your feedback on how we can make the most out of our children’s areas.

How can I get involved?

I’m so glad you asked! There are lots of ways for you to get involved.

  • In the museum:
    • Fill in a questionnaire and get a chocolate!
    • Answer the key questions on display boards by the information desk
    • Respond to the objects in our rotating welcome display
    • Fill in a comment card
  • Online:

Are you part of an Islington-based community group? Get in touch with the museum directly to find out other ways you and your organisation can get involved:

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